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We can see you thru the whole process…from concept, rough drafts, final approval, printing, to delivery. Just give us a rough idea of your project and we come up with creative solutions.

Printing & Short Run Digital

Let us know about how many you are thinking, and let our experience in mulitple process find the best solution and pricing for your project.

Screen Printing

Your event, sports team, or club will look great in custom designed shirts. Taylor-made design, not cookie-cutter is what we specialize in.

Large Format

Perfect for your upcoming event:  banners, signs, tradeshow displays, decal giveaways, and posters. We also produce cut vinyl & install on your shop or vehicle.

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A couple ideas for the new shirts.


embroidery5Lettering needs to be a certain height in order to read clearly once the text is embroidered. Lettering that seems fine on a printout or on screen may still be too small to translate to stitching, and product an illegible mess when embroidered! The minimum height of lettering is .2 inches tall – this is generally about a 20-22 point font size on screen. Keep in mind that ht height minimum applies to the smallest letters. So if we were to embroider the name “GEORGE” in all capitals, each letter needs to meet the height minimum of .2″ tall. The test would need to be 20 point to meet this minimum. However, if we want to embroider “George” with small letters and a capital G, the small letters need to meet the height minimum as well – so we must increase the font size now to 27 points. This produces a slightly larger design. Therefore, if we wish to keep the lettering as small as possible, it is wise to stitch in all capital letters to keep the width of the final design to a minimum. NOTE: Font sizes will vary between different font style/faces, do not use the font size numbers given here as set-in-stone rules but rather as general guidelines.screen--6 Here you can see the text starts to fill in. 11pt is the smallest embroidery font. But you can see it’s not the clearest, and will look better or worse on different materials.

doa-measuring-600x400Embroidery Digitizing – The deal with embroidery vs. every other printing method, is that you can’t convert logo into the digitized format easily. So you have to outline the text for instance in the embroidery software and then tell it were you want the stitches to be. Lets say a “T” has to be cut into two parts, because you want the stitching one direction on the “I” and the other direction on the “–”. This becomes time consuming for the initial setup. Also with paper printing you can print extremely fine detail. With embroidery you are limited. If you have too many stitches (detail) in a certain area, the thread will usually break because it’s going on top of each other and gets “too tight”. Your garment can also start to pucker in these area.

If your business is feeling cluttered and you find yourself scrambling for places to advertise, try the Ceiling Danglers by Five Fish Press. Our professional looking graphics make it easy to advertise your products while maximizing the use of your space. The Ceiling Danglers are meant for repeated use, allowing you to make the most out of your marketing budget.

Our team can help you create a variety of unique ceiling danglers. Whether you want an easy to read text only sign or are leaning towards a captivating colorful graphic, we have the talent and resources to manifest your vision accurately and quickly. All of our ceiling danglers are custom made and tailored to your exact specifications from the size to the color to the shape.

In addition to our indoor ceiling danglers, we also offer outdoor versions as well. These attractive, eye-catching banners are designed to be seen clearly from a distance. They can display upcoming deals, specials, store openings or general greetings.

Our ceiling danglers have been a go-to staple for major grocery chains, retail outlets and other businesses looking to expand their advertising potential. Take advantage of your ceiling space today by contacting our team.

We will be posting project and helpful tips to you. Why do we ask you certain questions? IE How many do you want? There are many printing processes. We want the one that is most economical to you. This blog will help explain some of the processes we use to produce these for you.